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Seminars and Workshops

For fifteen years Grimstone Inc. has been providing educational programs to the community about the paranormal world. It is part of our mission statement to provide information to the public that is free of media bias and Hollywood fiction. We offer our educational programs free of charge to public organizations, libraries, and educational institutions.


Christopher Bailey lecturing on paranormal investigation practices.

Our seminars are known for their content rich presentations and our professional lecturers. These programs have been held throughout the Great Lakes region for such organizations as:

  • Pinconning High School
  • Michigan Horror Writers Association
  • St. Lawrence Youth Group
  • Kiwanis Club of Whitmore Lake

We can cover a variety of topics relating to ghosts and hauntings or tailor a program to your specific organization´┐Żs needs. Some of our many topics include:

Ghost Hunting 101
Michigan Ghost Stories
The Paranormal World
Separating the Facts from the Fiction





Our trade show booth at the 2007 Supernatural Summit.

At Grimstone Inc., we take the approach that if you want to do spirit photography, you must first know how to do regular photography. If you wish to capture EVP, you should first understand how audio equipment works and is utilized. That is why our workshops are taught by such people as professional photographers and electrical enginers.

We schedule our workshops on a periodic basis or if you have a group of 8 or more individuals, we can set up an event specificly for you. Please feel free to contact for more information and availability. Some of our classes include:

  • Electrical Anomalies - Diagnosing & Recording
  • Electronic Voice Phenomenon
  • Historical Research for Paranormal Evidence
  • Paranormal Investigating - Practices & Protocal
  • Spirit Photography
  • Video Surveillance



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