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Grimstone Inc Contact Information

Grimstone at Work Whether you are experiencing strange things in your home, wish to hear an educational lecture, or just have questions about the paranormal, Grimstone Inc. wants to hear from you. Please call us or send us email.

For the fastest email response, please contact us at our main account:

Please make sure to leave a preferred method of contact if other than email. A representative will contact you as promptly as possible.

  However if you wish to contact a specific member of the organization via the Internet, please feel free to use the public member's directory below.


Christopher Bailey
Research Director

Mark Krueger
Chapter Director

Kara Swanson
Chapter Director

Melissa Reed
Historical Research Manager

Matthew Tiza
Technical Manager

Barbara Duperron
Case Manager

Suzette Parling
Lead Investigator

Robin Ritchea
Field Investigator

Mary Harp
Historical Researcher

Leah Klepadlo
Media Coordinator

Jeff Klepadlo
Research Specialist

Crystal Smith
Field Investigator

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