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Grimstone Inc. was established in spring of 1999 as an institution to conduct serious paranormal research within the Great Lakes. At this time, there was a growing degree of ghost hunting organizations. However, very few offered scientific documentation or explanations for the phenomena. More times than not, organizations would document little more than "I had an eerie feeling here." The reports would fail to provide concrete support to claims of paranormal activity.

Grimstone Inc. was then formed by a joint decision of a group of business professionals; a physical scientist, a business manager, and a security specialist. It was their aim to scientifically investigate areas of paranormal activity and look for rational or logical solutions to the phenomena. It is our belief that the vast majority of spectral claims can be accounted to logical and "earthly" reasons, urban legends, and / or superstition. It is our mission to document true paranormal activity through scientific means, coordinate with other researchers, and provide information to the public.

Since our forming, we have investigated several private homes and businesses. We provide our clients with discreet scientific investigations and thus cannot publish their locations. However, we also investigate a number of public sites during our training and open events. These include:

Inside the Old Jail

* Picture of the assembled group inside the Old Jail. Copyright 2010.

  • Bath, MI - In 1927, one of the nations worst acts of school violence ever occurred here. Over 40 children and adults were murdered by a bombing. This site is supposedly still haunted today by the victims.
  • Belleville, MI - The cemetery here is known by several groups to be a hotspot for strange mists and EVPs.
  • Big Rapids, MI - County jail and sheriff's residence from 1893 to 1965.
  • Brooklyn, MI - The old community of Brooklyn supposedly has many sites with supernatural activity. These include a home, a tavern, and a park.
  • Fenton, MI - A 150 year old hotel where the ghosts have never checked-out. Objects move, cold spots travel, and people have been pushed by unseen hands.
  • Hillsdale, MI - One of the strangest cemeteries on record due to "moving tombstones".
  • Louisville, KY - Waverly Hills Sanatorium where hundreds died to the agonies of TB.
  • Mansfield, OH - Home of the largest free standing cell block in the world, the Ohio State Reformatory. Now retired from service, it is home only to the many inmates that passed away within its walls.
  • Pontiac, MI - Shadow men have been witnessed walking the grounds late at night in this historic cemetery.
  • Royal Oak, MI - One of the oldest cemeteries in the southeast area rests here. Some believe the spirits of the past still linger.
  • Sterling Heights, MI - A resident's home here has had a long string of unexplained occurrences.

If you feel you have a haunting or witnessed a paranormal event that should be investigated like these have, please feel free to file a request with us or email us direct.


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